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  • Welcome to Fetish Studio

    Fetish Studio is the admin section where you can upload and sell fetish videos and spanking videos. Fetish Studio is committed to providing exclusive and unique high quality products to fulfill every niche of the fetish, bondage, and spanking realm. Our dedicated support staff, secure billing system and easy to download videos ensure your experience will be a positive one. With studios and amateurs posting new content weekly there is a huge selection of videos and clips available in multiple formats, resolutions and price ranges.

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    Contact Us

    You can contact us by email at webmaster@fetishlibrary.com. You can also contact us through our customer service page at Contact Us.

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    Fetish Studio offers a number of different forms of advertising options.
    1) When you create a studio account on SpankingLibrary.com, your profile on SpankingTube.com is updated to include all of the store banners for your stores in your profile and above all of your videos posted on SpankingTube.com. 2) FetishLibrary.com and SpankingLibrary.com is advertising on SpankingTube.com and numerous other spanking sites and blogs. 3) Use Your store linking codes and your store banner to advertise your store on blogs and forums, on social networking sites, etc. FetishLibrary.com SpankingLibrary.com banners are available here.

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    Studios are paid out when their accounts reach a $100 minimum, $250 for Int Wires. Payments are made 15 days after the end of the previous month. (Example: All sales made in November will be paid on December 15th)

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    Payment Types

    We currently make payments via Check, Paypal, Bank Wire and ACH. The fees are as follows:
         Check - $1.00
         Paypal - Free
         Bank Wire US - $25.00
         Bank Wire International - $5.00
         ACH - Free

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    Multiple Stores

    Fetish Studio allows multiple stores to be shown on Fetish Library and Spanking Library. You are able to add as many stores as you want under your main company identity. All stores are paid out in one monthly check. Use different banners and stores to focus on different client markets and sell more specialized clips. If you create a new store make sure to email us so we can approve it.

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    How do Customers Receive Downloads?

    Once the customers payment have been authorized they will receive an email and they can access their downloads by logging in on FetishLibrary.com or SpankingLibrary.com. In their "My Downloads" they can view all of their orders, order status and download currently purchased videos.

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    How Long are Clips Available?

    Clips are available for download 48 hours after payment is received. A customer can ask for their video to be reset up to 30 days after purchase incase any issues come up.

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    Download Protection

    Clips/Videos are protected by a number of different levels of security, including server encryption, customer login verification, order date/time verfication, downloading ip address verfication, and limiting the customers to only 10 download attempts within 48 hours. We will only reset a customer clip access up to 30 days after their purchase. We believe that you will not find a higher level of clip protection anywhere else.

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    We only offer refunds under certain situation, see below. A customer may void their transaction with their credit card company. If this does occur, the user's account will be closed and their ip address will be permanently blocked. The sale will be changed to a void in your reports and will not be paid out.

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    We do not allow refunds to customers unless a clip/video is grossy misrepresented, is corrupt, or cannot be fixed the they studio members in a reasonable amount of time. We will email you if a customer has an issue and the issue should be fixed asap.

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    Add a Store

    1. To add a store, click on the "Add a Store" link option. (You can have as many stores as you want all specializing in different things).
    2. Enter your store name.
    3. Select a banner image if you have one (we recommend 600x150 to ensure it is not reshaped).
    4. Enter a description of your store. (The more information and keywords you use, the faster search engines will pick you up and the easier it will be for users to search our site for you.)
    5. Add your google analytics number for either Spanking Library or Fetish Library. 5. Select all of the categories that apply to your store.
    6. Enter up to 12 keywords that can be used for site searches and will appear in the meta tags.
    7. Choose the website, FL or SL or Both, where the store will be displayed. 8. Click "Create Store".

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    Modify a Store

    1. To modify a store, click on "My Stores" and then click on a store, or click "Modify Store" and then click on a store to modify.
    2. Modify any of the fields you would like to change and then click "Update Store". If you would like to upload a new banner, select the banner image from your computer before clicking "Update Store".

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    Close Store

    1. Select "Remove a Store".
    2. Click on the store you would like to close.
    3. Verify you want to close the store (this will remove all clips associated with that store).

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    When you create or update a store, you can add or update a banner image. Banners should be 600x150 or they will be resized on the site. If you do not have a banner, we will provide a banner with your store title.

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    Email Customers

    Stores may email customers no more than twice per week. Enter the email subject and text. All customers who selected to join your store's mailing list will be contacted.

    Any store found to be spamming customers will lose this feature immediately.

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    Add a Clip

    To add a clip, you will need to make sure you have the clip and at least one image ready.

    1. Select "Add a Clip".

    2. Step 1: Add Clip Data

    • Store - Select the store
    • Title - Enter the clip Title.
    • Description - Enter a description for the clip. This description will be used for the meta tags and search engine.
    • Price - Enter a price between 2.99 and 99.99. Most clips sell for 9.99 - 39.99 based on length, encoding, and number of spankees. A good baseline is to make the price the same as the video time. So a 10 Min video would be 10.99 or 9.99.
    • SKU - If you have an itemid or a way to track your items, you can enter it here. (Optional)
    • Notes - This can be anything you want to remember in the future. (Optional)
    • Categories - Limit 10. Select as many categories as apply. (Your clip will show up in each categories listing).
    • Keywords - Enter up to 12 keywords. Only use letters and numbers and spaces. These will be used as meta tags and will be used on the site when customers do searches.

    3. Step 2: Add Clip Images
    • *** You must add at least one image for each clip. Images can be .jpg, .png, or .gif. Images cannot be larger than 500KB and should be no larger than 592 x 334 px. All images should be horizontal.
    • For each image use the browse button to select the image off of your computer.
    • When you are done adding images, click the "Upload Images" button.

    4. Step 3: Add Clip/Video
    • *** You must upload a video for a clip to be approved. Videos can be up to 4GB in size.
    • Use the browse button to select the video you want to upload.
    • Click the "Upload Clip" button.
    • Once the upload has started you will be able to view your upload status on the status bar and will be directed to the preview page when it is done.

    5. Step 4: Add a Preview
    • *** We recommend all videos have a preview to give customers a chance to preview the file before purchasing. You can upload your own preview or we can create one for you. When you upload a preview, we will create a copy and encode it in MP4 to allow it to be played on the items details page.
    • If you want us to create the preview for you, select the length of preview you would like or if you want to upload your own preview, select the browse button and select a file off of your computer. If we create the preview for you it may take several minutes before you are forwarded to the next step. If you upload a video, you will be able to view the status of the upload in the status bar on the screen .

    6. Step 5: Review the Clip and the MP4 Preview
    • Review all of the clip data and images to check for errors.
    • At the bottom of the page, watch the created MP4 preview and decide whether you would like it to be shown or not.

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    Modify a Clip

    You can modify a clip or continue adding a new clip by selecting "Modify a Clip". Under the clip you want to modify, select the button for the step you would like to complete. After updating the information, you can continue to modify that clip or modify a different clip. You can upload new images, a new clip and create a new preview.

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    Remove a Clip

    You can remove a clip from your store at any time. NOTE: While we will remove the clip from our outside site, we will not delete the clip files until we have verified that all orders have been filled.

    1. Select "Remove a Clip".
    2. Under the clip you would like to remove, click the "Delete Clip" button.
    3. Verify you want to delete the clip by clicking on "Delete Clip" or you can return to your clip list by clicking on "Return to Clip Details".

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    File Types

    Allowed Video Formats: MP4, WMV, MKV, M4V., AVI, or MOV.
    Each video file should not exceed 4GB in size.

    Image file types allowed: .jpg, .gif, .png

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    You can upload your own preview or allow us to create one from your video.

    If you upload your own preview, we will also encode a copy of the preview in the mp4 format. We will then allow you to decide if you want the mp4 version to be shown to customers or not. We highly recommend using a preview as it will increase sales.

    If we create a mp4 preview from your original video, you can determine whether you want the preview to be 15 or 30 seconds long, and start from the beginning or 1/2 way point, and can then preview it before allowing customers to view it.

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    Download/Upload Errors

    If you have trouble uploading a clip or a preview and need to return to the clip you were working on, select "Modify a Clip". Use the buttons below the clip to finish adding a clip. (For example if you need to add the clip or the preview file, click "Modify Clip" or "Modify Preview".) If you continue to have problems uploading, please email webmaster@spankinglibrary.com.

    If customers have trouble downloading a clip, we will work with them to make sure the file is not corrupted or there is another problem that would prevent them from downloading the file.

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